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Big Potato Records is an idea run by Neil Halstead, Tom Butterworth, Ed Quarmby & Nick Holton. We often feature on the releases in some way, production, writing, performing or well intended but questionable support.

We thank all of you who have suppoorted us to date & as friends we have always been and remain excited and optimistic about music & the role of a label however small.

Out 29th January 2016


Yellow 12" vinyl limited 300 with art and lyric instert available from indie shops, online & from our shop.

Tom Butterworth, Tom Crook, Ian McCutcheon, Paul Blewett & Nick Holton bring us our first release in a while.

Holton's first album since his space rock collaboration ‘Black Hearted Brother’ with Mark van Hoen and Neil Halstead. With the latter, Holton's partnership stretches back over 15 years of writing together and producing each other's albums and now releasing Presidents Sweetheart’s first album on Big Potato Records.
Tom Butterworth, singer and co-author of ‘I Play My Shadow’, is Holton's other musical partner & have been beavering away writing and recording for nearly as long. A love of a strong melody and thoughtful words. The album documents the eternal waxing and waning of private hopes and fears.
Sweetheart find themselves at the centre of a scene. A very secret English scene stretching from Oxfordshire to Somerset to Cornwall, that has quietly nurtured itself for 20 years. A connection of various bands and projects over time, they’ve kept music running through their lives despite 'the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune'. Some came forward to put loving flesh & bone to the songs on this album, steering it from freaked out pop to a more honest stripped back feel.
One such was Ian McCutcheon, Loose Salute chief and drummer (also Mojave 3/ Slowdive). The final tracks were selected & recorded in Holton's 'Oaki Room' analogue studio over one weekend with Ian. A band formed. Paul Blewett (BHB/ Milky Moon/ Oog) bass, Tom Crook (Band Of Hope/ Oog) guitar.
Spooked opener ‘There’s A Light’ is a scared prayer. The band at their country-soulmost. ‘Still Not Right’ a swinging, bitter-sweet tip of the hat to lost girls on those lost nights. Lo-fi growler ‘Not Just Killing You’ and stripped back ‘Promise’ serenades bad endings and painful beginnings and wonder at both being fevers that pass. ‘Other Girls’ is a story full of a past regret for a young girl taking her life, musically building a chiming psychedelic swoon into a thumping, J Mascis meets the Stooges outro. ‘Why Did You Forgive Me’ ushers in a hard earned sweetness. A prayer of gratitude and bemusement at waking up happy in the middle of a life. ‘I Get Lost’ is a gnarly, bouncy finger pointer. The band easing into a pumping Stax groove, decrying frozen marriages everywhere. ‘
Our Love’ is a sonic stand out. A stately acoustic guitar and drum bloom into a blissed out shimmering raga - Flaming Lips meet Giorgio Morodor. An epic nine minutes, it’s its own thing man. Closer ‘Speak, Whistle and Hope’ brings it al home with a barrelhouse knees-up.
It’s a collection brimming with hope and ecstasy and cut through with loss and melancholy. Like the band’s name, it promises an adventure in contradictions. Which, as Sam Shepard said, is the only place to be .....



New psychedelic gathering Milky Moon are also soon to release their new single through our Big Potato shed.

milky moon 



If you are wondering what Mojave 3 did next well Al & Ian formed a band to bring us the meaning of sunshine, love & laughter:- The Loose Salute ltd CD album available from our shop for just £10. Check out one of the most amazing songs ever written here....


Here is a clip from our last Big Potato live show featuring Pet Cat, Wild Swimmers & Danny & The Champions Of The World ....


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