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Welcome ALL, our SHOP is now at Bandcamp where you can contact us too. We don't really use this site now but thanks for coming over. There maybe something interesting here or it may just be a safe space to hide for a beat.

We are so proud to announce we are releasing the debut LP by 'Farmer Dave & The Wizards Of The West'. It is Farmer Dave Scher's first album for 10 years. He has been busy producing and being in 'The Skiffle Players' & mucking around with the likes of his good friend 'Kurt Vile'. Curation Records have teamed up for the release in North America and we posting the rest of the world.

Dave was in the unique and sooo fine 'Beachwood Sparks' & made a psychedelic masterpiece in 2004 'All Night Radio' - we cannot overstate how much love that LP gets in the potting shed.

Big Potato big pin Tom Butterworth wrote this about the release:-

"Some musicians leave elusive, magical trails you can only see from space. Some musicans have a ghostly eminence on too many of your favourite records to call it coincidence. Some musicians play peddle steel like Weldon Myrick in a psychedelic church at the bottom of the ocean. Some musicians can write a song to heal the sick, give succour to the lost and the lonely...

Only Farmer Dave does them all.

His magical, song-craft, multi-instrumental trail has crossed paths with Beachwood Sparks, Will Oldham, Kurt Vile, The Skiffle Players, Chris Robinson, Elvis Costello, Jenny Lewis, Animal Collective and as one half of All Night Radio some would say one of the greatest albums of all time.

He also makes Farmer Dave's Roasted Hot Nuts.

To us, from afar, he sits like a gentle, industious Budha, floating above the West Coast scene where music and love still rise from the soil and surf. If we sound biased, it's because we (Big Potato) adore him. And it is our joy to present his latest collection as FDwow.

In parts raw, psychedelic, UK sonic guitar meets the spiritual jazz of Sun Ra. Pharoah Sanders by way of MBV. In other parts, a minty fresh LA Noir from the furtile bones of classic LA rock - The Doors, Janes Addiction. The Album captures a live set featuring guitarist 'Alvin Pirhnas' Ben Knight and always carried forth by Dave's warm vulnerable, heartstring-plucking voice.

FD's music is the actual song of the Siren. Tie yourself to the mast and drift west with he."

The Mighty 

Moon Attendant "One Last Summer" came out in the summer of 2020 and are very pleased people bought it, listened to it, cared about it, wrote some amazing (if far fetched) stuff about it.

"Like Felt exploring the recesses of krautrock, Moon Attendant marry analogue electronics to lovely burbling pop sound" Shindig (4/5) wrote.

"I love Moon Attendant" Radcliffe & Maconie BBC6

We are releasing a single from the LP 'Lucky Escape' in December.


HOO debut LP Centipede Wisdom was released on 09th June 2019 on Big Potato on ltd Vinyl, ltd CD and Digi. There is a new album ready and pencilled for release in 2021.


HOO's - The Mighty EP had a video....

President Sweetheart are still working on their new album and we'd hope we could release that in 2021.


BLACK HEARTED BROTHER have also been spotted hanging out near mixing desks together and Brother Mark was seen tipping all of Brother Neil's synths into the Thames on a dark Tuesday evening so lord knows really what to think. An album may be released in 2021.


And all our other releases including Black Hearted Brother "Stars Are Our Home" & President Sweetheart "I Play My Shadow" are at BANDCAMP